Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jingle Bells And Attempted Murder

Just got home (finally) from the very long, very stressful shoot. The photographer/agent turned up hungover to the nines, which resulted in much snapping and me struggling to keep my knife-hand away from him. It's good to be back but won't be going home for another few days as he chose to wait until the last minute to inform me that I have a meeting/interview on Saturday. So just a note to the folks back home, I won't be back until late Saturday.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I haven't finished my shopping but not sure I could handle the crowds this time of year. Perhaps I should fork out the extra and do my last minute shopping online. Luckily, this year our family christmas get-together is on the 30th, so I can hit the after Christmas sales for most of the gifts.

Seeing as I have tomorrow free, I was thinking of taking my young cousin Bree to see Jerry Seinfeld's 'Bee Movie'. Have any readers seen it? Please comment to let me know if it's worthwhile!

Right, must bugger off as I have limited net time until I get home. Hope everyone is well!