Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I won't be around to blog tomorrow so Merry Christmas to you all in advance. Here's hoping you all have safe and happy holidays. Try not to kill the rellies.

As for me, I'll be sitting in the pool sipping apple martinis and thanking the jolly fat man for sending the children enough plastic euphoria to keep them entertained all day. Cheers!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Barry B. Benson

So this morning I took Bree to see 'Bee Movie'. It was absolutely fantastic! Bree asked to leave halfway through, but I think the jokes were a bit over her head. I however, enjoyed it immensly, and by the end i think Bree began to appreciate the child-safe storyline.

In other news, after reading this post, I've decided to turn off word verification. To be honest, I'm not sure why I had it on in the first place!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jingle Bells And Attempted Murder

Just got home (finally) from the very long, very stressful shoot. The photographer/agent turned up hungover to the nines, which resulted in much snapping and me struggling to keep my knife-hand away from him. It's good to be back but won't be going home for another few days as he chose to wait until the last minute to inform me that I have a meeting/interview on Saturday. So just a note to the folks back home, I won't be back until late Saturday.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I haven't finished my shopping but not sure I could handle the crowds this time of year. Perhaps I should fork out the extra and do my last minute shopping online. Luckily, this year our family christmas get-together is on the 30th, so I can hit the after Christmas sales for most of the gifts.

Seeing as I have tomorrow free, I was thinking of taking my young cousin Bree to see Jerry Seinfeld's 'Bee Movie'. Have any readers seen it? Please comment to let me know if it's worthwhile!

Right, must bugger off as I have limited net time until I get home. Hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Quick quote as I am dashing around the house getting ready to go to Newcastle for a photoshoot.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do." - Benjamin Franklin.

Came across this earlier and thought it was brilliant.

Must run, see you all thursday!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cocktails And Chaos

I went to my friend Johnny's 21st last night, and am now suffering the self-inflicted aftereffects. The party was deliciously chaotic, filled with catfights, break-ups, over-the-top public displays of affection, and overall riffraff. While everyone else stressed over the surrounding bedlam, I sat back with my cocktail and just observed, in hopes of obtaining some blogging material, and humorous anecdotes to tell my grandchildren in 50 years time. Of course, I received plenty of said material, but regrettably, I was so intoxicated that I cannot remember any of it today.

Speaking of bedlam, the Tantrum Theatre schedule arrived in the mail yesterday. Coincidently, two of the four productions lined up for next year, involve mental patients. Obviously, this means I will fit in quite nicely.

I appologise if this post has not been of quality, or humor, however I have an inkling the dead braincells have taken my funny bone hostage. Let's hope all negotiations go well, and everything is returned to its rightful place, unharmed, as soon as possible.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Any Other Bloggers Experienced This?

Since joining the aforementioned Entrecard network, I've recieved a sudden influx in blog traffic. Of course, like any other blogger, any increase in traffic is welcomed with open arms, however, it's quite intimidating.

Before, when my only visitors were family and friends, I never felt any pressure to produce anything of quality, it all just spilled out, and if it didn't make sense, it didn't matter. Now however, I feel an obligation to produce something of quality, something that people might actually want to read. Have any other bloggers been through this? Discuss.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cyber Street Report

As I was browsing around Entrecard, a fantastic blogging network, I came across the Cyber Street Report. What a tremendous idea! They hold raffles for Entrecard credits, which can be used to advertise your blog on the blogs of others. Check it out!

Back In The Game

Just spoke to a place in Newcastle called "Tantrum Theatre", and they've agreed to send me out some information on their productions for next year. BOO YAH!


Last night I got to thinking about women, and how strange and yet amazing we are.

We smile; when we want to cry.
We laugh; to conceal pain.
We say we're strong; when we want to crumple in a heap.
We say we're fine; when we're falling apart.
We say we want to be left alone; when we're craving company.
We say we don't want to talk about it; when could really appreciate a kind ear.
We say we don't want pity; when we'd love nothing more than tea and sympathy.
We say we can do it ourselves; when we'd love a helping hand.

No wonder men are so clueless!

In other news, man I hate mornings. Especially waking up from wonderful dreams where we are pally with our celebrity idol, or 3 years old again, playing with toy boats in the tub. Just one of those days where I curse the alarm and beg the sandman to come back. Ahh, such is life.

Fact of the day: Bulletproof vests, fire escapes, laser printers and windshield wipers were all invented by women.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who Needs PR When You've Got Friends Like This?

Well, I’m home!

The reunion between Mum and Sharyn went great; a teary affair for all involved. It was great hearing stories of what mischief they got up to when they were younger. On the way home, I decided to quiz my mother on what she thought the surprise might have been.

Myself: Who did you think was going to be waiting inside?

Mother: I had no idea. I thought maybe you’d organised some superstar through your connections or something.

Myself: Like, Orlando Bloom?

Well, yeah.

You think, if given the chance, I would share him with you?

Mother: Well, no I guess not.

Myself: You can have Brad.

Mother: Deal. By the way, Sharyn was a much better surprise than Orlando.

Thank goodness for that.

Monday, December 10, 2007


As you can see, the blog has recieved a much-needed revamp! Thankyou to Jo for her stroke of creative genius for the new name.

This morning I awoke to a most amusing conversation between myself and my grandfather, Paul.

Grandfather: Could you come out and take some pictures with the digital camera of Gran with the horses?

Myself: Mmm, okay. When did you get a digital camera?

Grandfather: ... I didn't.

I chose to indulge in my coffee for a few extra minutes, for it sounded much more enjoyable than photographic work with an imaginary camera.

In other news, I will be away until Wednesday, so sit tight. When I get back I'll be sure to update you with all the news of how the reunion between Mum and Sharyn went.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Loose Ends

I've recently recieved a couple of complaints from you perfectionist bastards that I never updated on how a few things went that I'd previously mentioned. So here goes.

Catwalk Debut. Put simply, I think I'll stick to acting; in the words of Emma Thompson, "Looking pretty is far too much effort".

NaNoWriMo. And the winner is..... Not me. 4,106 out of 50,000 words doesn't even really qualify. But I gave it a shot, and I'm still writing. Was a lot of fun and I encourage you all to give it a shot next year.

Colonel Brandon. Delicious as always, what more can I say?

Santa's Miracle Arrives 1 Yr Behind Schedule...

Last Christmas, I searched and searched, paid for friend finding sites, and pulled half my hair out, trying to find an old friend of mum's, to surprise her for Christmas. Mum's friend, Sharyn, moved to Canada 15 years ago, and although they stayed in contact for quite some time, with moving around and new phone numbers they unfortunately lost contact some years ago.

Anyway, this morning, I glanced at the flashing red light on the answering machine (which had been flashing for a few days), wishing it would go away, when I finally gave in and hit play. Who's Aussie/Canadian accent should ring out but Miss Sharyn herself! She's in Australia, visiting for a reunion in Newcastle, and was hoping to get in contact with my mother. Santa, you're the man!

I can't wait to surprise Mum, she's going to be over the moon!

Update: Called Sharyn, it's all organised! On Tuesday I will be driving Mum down there, and she has no idea what's going on. Won't tell her until we get there. How exciting!
Stay tuned, will let you all know how it goes.