Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Six Year Old Medical Expert

I've been minding the terrible twosome alot more lately. Last night I had the pleasure of also looking after the 6 year old daughter of the other inhabitant of the house. She's cute, she's funny, she's a know-all - a very normal 6 year old. However, I have a feeling she may be gifted. Her knowledge of tropical diseases, bugs, and infections could rival anyone's. In other words, she's a major hypochondriac. During the course of the night she somehow managed to have gastroenteritis, 'car-sickness' and a range of other unlikely-to-happen-while-you're-sleeping conditions. She also used the "but my mummy does this..." and "but my mummy does that..." to try and get her own way. In the end I turned around and said as calmly as I could, "Well sunshine, I'm sorry, but I'm not your mummy, we're playing by MY rules tonight!" Her sickly sweet persona wore off fast after that.

In other news, I know I've been sooo lazy with this blog, and I should be shot. I like to wait til something important or interesting happens so I don't fall into the trap of "Last night I watched [insert really crappy movie title here] for the 75th time, the end."

Stay safe, Adios!